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IGET Mega - A New Innovation for Vaping

You're looking for a new vape pen, and you've come to the right place. The IGET Mega is a vape pen that can be used with oils, waxes, and concentrates.

This vape pen has been designed in such a way that it can be used for both dry herbs and concentrates. The IGET Mega is compatible with all types of oils, waxes, and concentrates as well as dry herbs.

The tank holds 3.2ml of your favorite oil or concentrate and can be easily refilled with your favorite oil or concentrate. This product has been designed to be durable but also very easy to use by anyone who wishes to try vaping for the first time or someone who is looking for something more durable than what they currently have!

The IGET Mega is one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market. It comes with an LCD screen that displays temperature settings, battery life and more information about your vaporizer at all times. You can adjust heat settings using this screen as well as adjust your airflow by clicking up or down on either side of your mouthpiece.

You can also see how much battery life is remaining by pressing down on either side of your mouthpiece twice quickly when you first turn on your device.IGET Mega is a vape pen that has an in-built tank and a range of flavours. It's available as a disposable or refillable tank.

IGET Mega is made to be convenient, with the battery lasting for up to 300 puffs and the tank being easy to refill. The mouthpiece is also designed to be leak-proof, making it perfect for everyday use. IGET Mega is available in Australia, with flavours such as fruity, menthol and coffee bean.

IGET Mega Vape has many benefits including:

- It's easy to use

- It comes with a long battery life

- You can choose your flavour

- It's leak proofMeet your new best friend!

The IGET Mega is a sleek and powerful vape pen that’s designed to be one-of-a-kind. The team over at IGET Mega Australia have created something special that they’re very proud of (and we are too!). They created the IGET Mega from scratch and it’s an amazing device. We think this will surely become your favorite vape pen once you give it a chance.

The IGET Mega is a vape pen that was created to be used by both beginners and experienced vapers. The IGET Mega has a sleek design and comes in many different flavours, including coffee, tobacco, apple pie, peach cobbler, vanilla custard, chocolate mint cookie dough ice cream, cherry cola soda, strawberry cheesecake and more.

The device has an auto-fire feature and has a digital temperature control system. This vape pen will heat up quickly so you can start vaping in no time at all.

The device comes with two coils: one for standard use and one for subohm vaping. It also comes with an atomizer full of e-liquid so you don't have to worry about filling it yourself when you first get it home from the store!

The package includes: 1 x IGET Mega Battery 1 x IGET Atomizer 2 x IGET Coils (1 x 0.5ohm & 1 x 0.2ohm) 1 x USB Cable 1 x Cleaning Tool User Manual.


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