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Dell Optiplex 755 Slic 2.1 34



Dell Optiplex 755 Slic 2.1 OptiPlex 755 Slic 2.1 Dell OptiPlex 755 Slic 2.1 34 OptiPlex 755 Slic 2.1 . The Dell Optiplex 755 is a laptop with a 7-inch screen and it is aimed at the home or small business market.Audio lessons by Alf Bradley Revealing online courses for all those audio enthusiasts out there. Feel free to download my audio lessons for your own use. Audio Lessons Voice Lessons: For those that like to hear themselves talk (like me!), this lesson will focus on the fundamentals of good speaking. Once you have mastered all the basics, move on to speaking in dialogue, acting out a scene or getting some feedback on your performance. Acting Lessons: For those that want to act out different roles and characters for themselves or as part of a group, this lesson focuses on acting in the three major genres – drama, comedy and musical. These lessons will help you build your skills and improve your performance, including body language, timing and diction. Films: If you’re a fan of film and TV, this lesson will cover the basics of what you need to know to create a scene for yourself. You’ll learn how to create dialogue and develop your characters using the right techniques. Drama: With this lesson you will learn about the basics of dramatic acting, including timing, accents, posture, facial expression and movement. You will also learn how to develop characters and make them convincing and believable. Lectures: For those that want to learn a range of useful skills, this lesson will cover different aspects of on-screen and off-screen lecturing, including pace, emotion, speaking with a good microphone and more. Reading: For those that enjoy reading a good book or magazine, this lesson will help you improve your understanding and analysis of language. You’ll learn how to deal with all different types of text and how to select what you read by assessing the language used. Audio Editing: For those that want to create their own audio content and enjoy the pleasure of editing their own recordings, this lesson will focus on the skills needed. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of audio editing, including the need for good source material and the work of mixing.The role


Dell Optiplex 755 Slic 2.1 34

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