At House of Tides, there is nothing more important to us than our guests and our team’s wellbeing.

While we can’t wait to welcome you back to our restaurant, you will definitely notice that things look a little different and notice that we have made changes that provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment for everyone.

We will ensure that we adhere to all guidelines set out by the Government and the team will be constantly monitoring and ensuring that we go above and beyond to create a safe environment when you visit House of Tides.


We ask that our guests familiarise themselves with and adhere to Government guidelines when visiting our restaurant.

Guests are asked to make a booking on our website and ensure that their contact details (email and phone number) are correct.

If a guest or any of their party are feeling unwell, especially if they have a high temperature, a new persistent cough or a loss of taste or smell; or if anyone in their party think they may have been exposed to the virus in the past 14 days; guests are asked to contact our team to cancel their booking.


All guests are encouraged to make a reservation online and booking times will be staggered to reduce the number of guests arriving at one time.

We kindly ask that you are punctual for your reservation to minimise any delay in entering the building.

Until further notice the largest table we will be accommodating within our restaurant will be up to 4 guests only.

Guests’ details will be recorded in accordance with Government guidelines and to aid the track and trace system.


Upon entering our restaurant, we would like to make you aware of the following procedures.

Upon entering our restaurant, we have implemented temperature checks on all arriving guests, we will also provide hand sanitising stations at the entrance for the use of guests as they enter the building.

We would prefer when possible that guests wear a face mask when entering the restaurant and going to their table, when visiting toilets and when leaving.

We will ask guests to confirm that they are not experiencing any COVID symptoms.

We will no longer be operating a cloakroom service; we ask that guests keep their personal belongings with them at all times.

Doors to the restaurant will be left open, where possible, to increase ventilation and reduce hand contact on surfaces.


Internal doors (excluding fire doors), will be left open where possible, to aid ventilation and reduce hand contact on surfaces.

We have conducted a full risk assessment of the size and configuration of our restaurants and have adjusted the floor plans to facilitate social distancing, in accordance with Government guidelines.

Where possible one-way routes will operate in the restaurant, our team will communicate this to our guests when they are at the property.

Where one-way and separate doors cannot operate, our team will remind guests of social distancing.


We are no longer sitting guests in the bar for a pre-dinner drink, all guests will be taken directly to their table.

We will not be using our normal menu and drinks folders. Our menu & drinks list will now be printed before each service and placed on

your table before arrival. They will be disposed of once the guest departs the restaurant.

We will be reducing the number of team members attending each table and have a strict area for each team members and their sections.

The first glass of water & wine will be poured and the bottle left on the table for the guest to refill.

There will be no more topping up of water or wine by our front of house team.

We have removed the use of linen napkins for the time being, they will be replaced with disposable napkins on the tables instead, which will be disposed of once the guest departs the restaurant.

Food will be placed on tables as quickly as possible, to limit the amount of time the team are within 1 metre of our guests.


After every interaction with a guest which results in contaminated contact (e.g. removing plates/glasses from a table), staff will sanitise their hands.

Hand sanitisers are made available for both staff and guest use in all areas.

No physical contact such as handshakes, high fives, hugs etc will be permitted.

Guests will have access to hand sanitizers on their table throughout their time with us to use at their will.

Scheduled sanitising of all shared surfaces every 30 minutes.

Our bathroom entrance doors will be left open where possible to allow for ventilation.

Hand sanitiser will be available in all guest bathrooms.

We have ask our guests to adhere to social distancing guidelines when using the bathrooms.

The disabled bathrooms are self-contained and allow for social distancing.


All team members will have their temperature checked and recorded at the start of every shift.

Arriving for work all team members will be temperature checked daily, asked for COVID-19 symptoms and will be asked to immediately wash their hands before proceeding through the building.

Antibacterial soap and disposable tissue will be supplied at all handwash sinks.

Our team have been fully trained so they understand the risks, routes of transmission and the importance of handwashing, social distancing and cleaning.

Team members will be encouraged not to touch their eyes, nose or mouth with their hands.

Team members will be instructed to keep a 1 metre distance between themselves and other colleagues and guests.

Team members will be required to bring their uniform to work to change into it upon arrival.

A maximum number of people will be permitted to use the changing rooms at a time.

Team members will wash their uniform every night.

Sanitiser will be located throughout the restaurant and will be available for all employees to use regularly.

PPE gloves and masks will be available for employees who wish to wear them.  However, in accordance with Government guidelines for reopening restaurants, the wearing of PPE will not be mandatory.

Any team member who is classed as vulnerable will be assessed on a separate basis.

Any team member who develops a new persistent cough or high temperature will immediately be sent home or advised to stay at home.

Employees will be instructed to self-isolate for 7 days if they are displaying symptoms or 14 days if they are living with someone who has symptoms.

Employee rotas will be kept for 21 days, in accordance with Government guidelines and to aid track and trace.